Brad Glasbergen
I am a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, studying under Khuzaima Daudjee. I am also a member of the Data Systems Group.

I am interested in distributed systems, with a primary focus on leveraging machine learning techniques to improve performance through intelligent data placement and caching.

I am currently supported by a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology and a President's Graduate Scholarship. In the past, I have been awarded a David R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarship.

I received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in 2015.

I coordinate the Data Systems Reading Group.

Twitter: @bglasber
Github: bglasber
GPG Key: BF0A 5673 A3A9 982E A1D6 5D3E E940 8BE3 7CAC AE1D
Our demonstration of the Sentinel system has received the Best Demonstration award at SIGMOD 2020. Our research paper on Sentinel has been accepted into VLDB 2020.

I presented our geo-distributed predictive caching system, ChronoCache, at SIGMOD 2020.

Michael presented DynaMast, our system that eliminates distributed transactions by dynamically transferring the mastership of data items, at ICDE 2020.

Current Projects:
ChronoCache: A caching framework that uses online learning to predictively execute and cache database queries on edge servers closer to clients.

Dendrite: Capturing, understanding and powering automatic system adaption using performance metrics and logs from complex data systems.

Reviewer: Big Data in Emergent Distributed Environments @ SIGMOD 2021
External Reviewer: SIGMOD (2020, 2018), VLDB (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017), ICDE (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017), Middleware (2017)

Brad Glasbergen, Fangyu Wu, Khuzaima Daudjee. Dendrite: Bolt-on Adaptivity for Data Systems. To appear in SIGMOD 2021 System Demonstrations Track.

Michael Abebe, Brad Glasbergen, Khuzaima Daudjee. MorphoSys: Distributed Physical Design Metamorphosis for Database Systems. VLDB 2020. (Paper).

Brad Glasbergen, Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee, Amit Levi. Sentinel: Universal Analysis and Insight for Data Systems. VLDB 2020. (Paper). (Talk). (Source code).

Brad Glasbergen, Kyle Langendoen, Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee. ChronoCache: Predictive and Adaptive Mid-Tier Query Result Caching. SIGMOD 2020. (Preprint). (Talk). (Source Code).

Michael Abebe, Brad Glasbergen, Khuzaima Daudjee, DynaMast: Adaptive Dynamic Mastering for Replicated Systems. ICDE 2020. (Preprint). (Talk).

Brad Glasbergen, Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee, Daniel Vogel, Jian Zhao, Sentinel: Understanding Data Systems, SIGMOD Systems Demo Track, 2020. Best Demo Award. (Preprint). (Demo video).

Michael Abebe, Brad Glasbergen, Khuzaima Daudjee. WatDFS: A Project for Understanding Distributed Systems in the Undergraduate Curriculum. SIGCSE 2019. (Paper).

Brad Glasbergen, Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee. Tutorial: Adaptive Replication and Partitioning in Data Systems. Middleware 2018. (Paper). (Slides).

Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee, Brad Glasbergen, Yuanfeng Tian. EC-Store: Bridging the Gap Between Storage and Latency in Distributed Erasure Coded Systems. ICDCS 2018. (Paper).

Brad Glasbergen, Michael Abebe, Khuzaima Daudjee, Scott Foggo, Anil Pacaci. Apollo: Learning Query Correlations for Predictive Caching in Geo-Distributed Databases. EDBT 2018. (Paper).