CS 348: Introduction to Database Management

We will provide 3 assignments (marked) and a worksheet. That is, we will also provide the solutions and you are encouraged to do them since they will help you check your understanding of the material, practice with the ideas, and prepare for the exams.

Submission instructions:

Links to assignments will appear below as they become available. Any given date and tie is subject to change; we will announce any changes in advance and update the page. The work you submit must be your own unless group work is explicitly allowed. Write your solutions in your own words, from your own head if it is individual assignment. Each assignment has a due date. You must submit your assignment on that date. Each assignment will require submitting through "submit" and/or Corwdmark. If the assignment include a part that is required to be submitted to Crowdmark, you should receive an email from Crowdmark with a link to submit to. The instruction to submit via "submit" will be in the assignment itself.

If the Crowdmark site fails on the due date, please email your solutions to Ahmed HajYasien (ahajyasi@uwaterloo.ca). Crowdmark has a separate location for each page of questions. You may submit any number of pages, in either PDF or JPEG format, for each question page. If you have a single file with all of your answers, you will need to split it up for submission. The library has scanners to convert hand-written solutions to electronic form. We recommend this as the simplest and fastest way to create and submit solutions. (You may also take a JPEG photograph; check that it is easily readable before submitting.) Once all assignments are marked, you will receive via email a link to retrieve your marked paper. The mark itself will also appear in Learn. If you wish a re-mark of your submission, print and fill the remark request form then take it to Ahmed Hajyasien (MC 4012), within one week following the release of marks for that assignment.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4