CS 348: Introduction to Database Management


The textbook for the course is:

Copies of the book are on reserve in the DC library (call number UWD 1688).

The course notes in the following table are complementary to the lectures; they are not meant to replace the lectures. The textbook provides additional material to the course notes.

Schedule and Course Notes (by week of classes)

The following represents the intended lecture schedule. It may change as the term progresses.

It would help if you read the relevant material before the lecture; it is highly likely that I will not be covering everything in the book and lectures may go beyond the book.

  1. Week 1:
    Introduction to the Course, Introduction to Database Management; reading: chapter 1 from textbook.
  2. Week 2:
    The Relational Data Model; reading: chapter 2.1-4 and 6.3.
    an other Other Data Models
  3. Week 3:
    Introduction to SQL; reading: Chapter 3 (Introduction to SQL) by Monday, October 2nd.
  4. Week 4:
    More on SQL, how to use IBM DB2 at Waterloo, sample database for examples in the lecture notes and sample queries used in class sample (result), sample (result), sample, sample, sample
    SQL with duplicates and NULL values; reading Chapter 4 (Intermediate SQL) by Friday October 6th.
  5. Week 5:
    Application Development and SQL; sample Embedded SQL programs (and Makefile); reading: Chapters 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
  6. Week 6:
    Application Development: Dynamic statements (DB2 official documentation)
    Application Development and ODBC/CLI
  7. Week 7:
    Introduction to ER Modeling; reading: chapter 7
    ER to Relational Mapping SQL Data Definition, Views, and Security
  8. Week 8:
    Dependencies and Normal Forms; reading: chapter 8.1-8.5
    Review for Midterm and MIDTERM (sample midterm exam)
  9. Week 9:
    More on Dependencies and Normal Forms
  10. Week 10:
    Query/Update Execution; readind: chapter 2.2, 2.3.1-2, 2.4.1-2, 13.1-3, 13.5.1-4, 14.
  11. Week 11:
    Concurrent Access to Data and Transactions; reading: chapter 15.1, 15.2, 16.1-16.4
  12. Week 12:
    Database Tuning reading: chapter 23.1; (optional material: MMDB and time and query compilation, time permitting).
  13. Week 13:
    Review for Final Exam (sample final exam)