Email Management

Instructions for accessing the course email are here: AccessingCourseConnectEmail

All course related emails should be sent from the CS 135 Course Account. Always CC the CS135 Course Account to maintain an up-to-date log on email responses.

Do NOT reply to emails from students sent to your personal email address.

Beginning of term

  • MAKE A SCHEDULE. This is particularly important for larger teams.

    • Figure out who is responsible for handling emails on which days. There should be 1 or 2 ISAs monitoring, organizing, and replying to course emails everyday.

    • Enforce it! Keep each other accountable.

  • Make an Outlook rule for emails from TAs: have all their emails redirect into a special folder. This will create separation between email communication with students vs. email communication with TAs.

During the term

  • Flag emails that are not meant for you (or ones you don’t know how to answer), but still need to be responded to.

    • If a flagged email is meant for you, respond as soon as possible.

    • Make a clean sweep of all flagged emails as a team at least once a week.

General Etiquette

  • The most important things: be clear, concise, and timely.

  • If your email requires action from the recipient, make sure to specify a timeframe (this is especially important when communicating with instructors on pressing issues). Tip: to ensure things stay on track, you can say something like “unless we receive feedback within <timeframe>, we are going to go with <idea>”.

  • Address students using their preferred name (what they used to sign off their email with if you are unsure).

  • Do not respond to student queries sent from non-uwaterloo accounts. You can reply to them asking them to resend the query from their uwaterloo account.

  • Spell-check!

-- Amy Luo - 2020-12-23


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