1 Beau Black and Alex Cartana A Disney Junior Party 2:32 (details...)
2 Beau Black Mickey and the Roadster Racers Main Title Theme 1:01 (details...)
3 Disney Cast Roadster Racers Go! [Mickey and the Roadster Racers] 1:55 (details...)
4 Disney Cast Sofia the First Main Title Theme 0:52 (details...)
5 Disney Cast Make Some Noise / Blue Ribbon Bunny Mashup [Sofia the First] 3:37 (details...)
6 They Might Be Giants Hot Dog! [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse] 2:28 (details...)
7 Disney Cast Puppy Dog Pals Main Title Theme 0:57 (details...)
8 Disney Cast You're Dancin' [Puppy Dog Pals] 1:07 (details...)
9 Disney Cast Going on a Mission [Puppy Dog Pals] 0:38 (details...)
10 Disney Cast Doc McStuffins Theme Song [Toy Hospital] 0:56 (details...)
11 Disney Cast Time for Your Check Up [Doc McStuffins] 0:34 (details...)
12 Disney Cast I Feel Better [Doc McStuffins] 0:22 (details...)
13 Renee Elise Goldsberry Muppet Babies Theme 2018 1:02 (details...)
14 Disney Cast You Can Be a Dancer [Muppet Babies] 3:07 (details...)
15 Disney Cast Vampirina Theme 0:54 (details...)
16 Disney Cast Livin' the Scream [Vampirina] 1:40 (details...)
17 Disney Cast Everybody Scream, Everybody Howl [Vampirina] 1:42 (details...)
18 Disney Cast Elena of Avalor (Main Title) [My Time Mashup] 2:37 (details...)
19 Disney Cast The Magic Within You [Elena of Avalor] 2:34 (details...)
20 Disney Cast Here Comes the Lion Guard [Zuka Zama Mashup] 4:21 (details...)
21 Disney Cast Bow Be Mine [Mickey and the Roadster Racers] 2:32 (details...)
22 Disney Cast The Power of All of Us 1:59 (details...)