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Welcome to the Math 135 Resources Page. Here is where you will find a bunch of resources I have created to help students learn about mathematical proofs, specifically for Math 135 offered at the University of Waterloo. I hope that these resources help you to learn about mathematics and inspire you to be creative in your studies.

Carmen Bruni


PS. The older version of the webpage is archived and can be found here for die-hard fans.

Important information for the Winter and Spring 2017 terms.


All official documents can be found on LEARN . Please be sure to check LEARN daily for up to date announcements, errata and files including an up-to-date version of the course notes, sample exams, assignments and their solutions.


Please note that I am not one of the instructors for these two terms and, as such, some of this data might not be up to date as it normally would if I was teaching the course.


Occasionally, for simplicity, I will double post items found on LEARN here.


All assignments and instructions for submitting can be found on LEARN once the term begins. All submissions will be done using Crowdmark.

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