Troubleshooting PHP and SSI

Forbidden Access

If you keep getting forbidden access errors, ensure that you have chmod a+x file.php. It is also important to note that to access the webpage, you must go through https. This is to allow the user to authenticate with her WatIAm credentials. If you are able to access the page without going through https, you have not correctly configured your .htaccess file.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

This error generally happens when an shtml file fails to include another file. I've noticed that it doesn't like to include php files that are not in the same directory. For instance, the following lines inside file.shtml

<!--#include virtual="file.php" -->
work fine, but

<!--#include virtual="incl/file.php" -->
produce an error.

Solution: keep file.php in the same directory as file.shtml.

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