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submit - on-line course-assignment submission mechanism


submit course assignment directory [directory]... submit course assignment [-tardy] directory [directory]... submit course assignment -list submit course assignment -LIST

New Features

submit course -help submit course assignment -delete [filename] ... submit course assignment -print filename [filename] ... submit course assignment -keywords submit course -LIST submit course -print


submit allows a student user to submit an assignment so that it ends up accessible in the file space of the account named "course", not directly accessible to the student.


The current directory, the one you are cd'd to, can be referred to as ".". Often you want to submit files from the current directory for a particular assignment. So, you can do this by:

submit cs240 1 .

Sometimes you might not remember the exact assignment names (numbers) for the course in question. The following will show them to you:

submit cs240 -L


-tardy Use this flag to submit a late (tardy) assignment. Without it, only on-time assignments will be accepted. All courses limit the number of assignments a single user may submit late, and some courses allow no late submissions at all. Note that there will usually be a second late deadline after which the assignment cannot be submitted at all.

-list Produces a list of files already submitted by the invoking user for the given assignment.

-LIST Produces a list of files expected for the given assignment. Some of these files will be "sh patterns". If no assignment number is given, a table of valid assignment numbers is shown.

-help If given as the only option, generates a brief syntax description.

-print prints, to standard output, the contents of the given relative filenames from the user's submissions in the course account file space.

-delete Deletes given relative filenames from the user's submissions in the course account filespace. If no filenames are given, all files previously submitted by the user for this assignment are deleted, after first listing for confirmation. This option is necessary if a course assignment accepts optional submission files but is not set up to purge files automatically on each submission.

-keywords This shows various effective settings of interest to the course tutors.


For backwards compatibility with the old versions of, case is significant in options. All "dash options" can be abbreviated to their initial letter.

The contents of all directories given are combined so that, as the marker will see them, all the submitted files are in the same directory. Hierarchy can be transferred if the course is configured to accept it; but the contents of the top-level directories will still be combined.


submit attempts to be helpful if some arguments have inappropriate values, or are omitted entirely. Diagnostics are given, along with potentially useful information. In particular, if the assignment argument is omitted, the table of assignment names is often generated, to help the user select an appropriate argument.


submit has been known to fail ungracefully if the course account in question exceeds its filespace quota.

See Also

submitrc(4) documents .submitrc, the key configuration file used to control submit configuration of a course account

For some historical perspective, and a discussion of the requirements of a course administrator using submit, see the following two papers:

On-line submission with SUBMIT, by Cameron Shelley, August 1993

Administrator's Guide to SUBMIT, by Caroline Kierstead, February 1994

These papers can be found in TeX, PostScript, and dvi form under the directory /u/cssystems/submit on the Math undergrad system.


Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1997, MFCF, University of Waterloo.

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