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.subfiles - assignment configuration file for submit




This file is used by the submit program.

A .subfiles file must be created for each assignment. It must contain a list of file patterns indicating files which will be accepted for the assignment corresponding to the direc- tory containing it.

If no .subfiles file exists for a particular assigment, that assignment will be totally unrecognized by the submit command.

The account-specific (i.e. course-specific) .submitrc file defines the actual directories where assignments are accepted, but it is highly recommended to use the default of


That is, usually something like


See submitrc(4).

In fact, the actual name .subfiles can be over-ridden, but that is similarly not recommended.

Detailed Format

Any line whose first non-whitespace character is a "#" will be treated as a comment and ignored.

Other lines should contain one or more shell "glob" filename patterns, separated by whitespace. (Note that a literal filename is a valid such "glob" pattern).

At the time of writing, submit actually used the equivalent of: /bin/sh echo "PATTERN" to expand the pattern, so the man page for sh(1) is the definitive documentation for exactly what patterns may be matched.

See Also

submit (1) - on-line course-assignment submission mechanism submitrc (4) - course account configuration file for submit file_filter (4) - file name filter program for submit sh (1) - shell: the standard shell


A long time ago, the first line was always ignored whether-or-not it looked like a comment, but that has not been the case for a long time.

There is no way to exclude particular files with the patterns. The file_filter capability allows you to exclude a file, but always generates a diagnostic.

If a submitted file matches more than one pattern, it will be transferred multiple times by submit; once for each time it matches.

A filename pattern is assumed to be a string of non-whitespace. Therefore, filename patterns cannot contain spaces or other whitespace.

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