pub_test_web — A web interface for pub_test_logger




This is a front-end for public test requests that is explicitly written under the expectation that it is called from the web server.

Typically, the course will have a web page that contains a form which will be used to request public tests. This form has a single required field, assign , which specifies the assignment for which testing is being requested. A form normally has a CGI script attached; however, the web server does not like calling a CGI script on another account, or referring to symlinks to files outside of public_html. Because of this, the form should call a CGI script on the course account.

The course-specific CGI script should do nothing except pass the work off to the ISG script. Common contents are as follows:


         exec /u/isg/bin/pub_test_web

The web server will then call pub_test_logger with appropriate parameters, cache the output, and present the output to the student with an indication of whether the request succeeded or failed. If the course account has a CSS style sheet in the location /u/csXXX/public_html/style.css, this will be used to give the public test results a consistent look with the rest of the website.

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