marmocreate — Create a zip file for Marmoset that wraps an RST assignment


marmocreate [ -o zip-outfile ] {assignment}


marmocreate will create a zip file that instructs Marmoset how to test an RST assignment. The assignment argument tells marmocreate where to find the assignment in an RST-style hierarchy (ie, ~/marking/assignment).


For courses that already have an established RST testing framework, this can ease the transition to using Marmoset if such a transition is desired by minimizing the amount of change that is required by course staff.

For courses that do not already use RST, this can still be helpful as RST provides a convenient command-line interface via which to perform your testing as an alternative to Marmoset's web interface.

Hierarchy Setup

Marmoset has a concept of public, release and secret tests. This division is handled by RST by having three suites by those three names. Marmoset will then treat the suite public as part of the public tests, and likewise for the other two.

Marmoset has a far more restricted view of testing than RST does; it only wants to accumulate marks specifically for a series of tests. To accomodate this, you need to ensure that you utilize the writeToTestResults feature of your computeMarks scripts. Marmoset will read from that to determine whether each test passed (mark earned is equal to total number of potential marks) or failed (mark earned is not equal to total number of potential marks).


This is a very barebones proof of concept. It does not yet make proper use of any information provided by keepFile. Also, Marmoset still requires you to specify the number of points for each test, even though that information is embedded in the output of writeToTestResults. As it has not been tested very thoroughly, there may be several other issues that need ironing out.

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