ISG Account Updating Protocol

Because the account is maintained in a subversion repository, the main checkout should not be altered during the term. This requirement should be adhered to relatively strictly because of the potential to break functionality for particular courses very easily with even a seemingly innocuous update. Updates should only be made if they are very localized (affecting only a single script or a couple of very closely related scripts), and are being done to fix a bug that clearly adversely affects the ability to get work. If this is necessary, it should also be done as early in the term as possible, and as small a subset of files as possible should be svn updated (i.e., do not cd ~isg; svn up).

The repository should instead be checked out (either to another private directory on the ISG account, or via ssh to some other account) and modified there, checking in when the checked out materials are in a reasonably stable state. This can then be made available for testing to others by checking it out to a directory on the ISG account; for example, a modified bin directory could be checked out to /u/isg/tempbin and then utilities could be tested from there. Testing should be completed before the next term begins, by ISG tutors, any involved CSCF staff, and any interested instructors; during the break between terms, an svn update command can be given from the directory /u/isg/ to force an update of everything, and then make should be run to ensure proper permissions are assigned, etc. as subversion can trample over permission settings.

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