genBoxLabels — Create exam box labels for all courses that will be having exams soon


genBoxLabels {infile} {outfile}


genBoxLabels is designed to create labels for exam boxes for each course so it's clear which room each box should go to, and so it's clear what range of exams go in each box.

The input file should be a text dump of the seating information from the exam seating database. The output file should likely end in .tar.bz2, and will need to be extracted using either

            *tar* xjf  =file= 

with a modern version of tar, or

            *bunzip*  =filebase= .tar.bz2
            *tar* xf  =filebase= .tar

with the current version of the software on the student.cs systems.

The extracted data will be a directory containing a number of postscript files, one for every course specified in the input file.

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