Resources and Information for CS 241e ISAs

This twiki is for technical details only. Any other duty information can be found in Waterloo LEARN (D2L): CS Instructional Support Group -> Course Admin & Duties for ISAs.

Key Information

The vast majority of the information required is posted in CompSci241ISADuties. The remainder of this page deals with things specific to CS241e.

Updating the Classlist

As of Fall 2015 CS241 and CS241e share a classlist, located on ~cs241. As a result, you will need to either get access to ~cs241 or ask the CS241 ISA to do the following:

  1. Run ~cs241/parse_classlist.bash or ~cs241/u/sharrap/parse_classlist.bash
  2. Copy ~cs241/.classlist_241e to wherever is most convenient for uploading to marmoset.
  3. Run ~cs241/u/sharrap/ to get the list of emails for piazza.
  4. Remind the CS241 ISA that they should use ~cs241/.classlist_241r rather than ~cs241/.classlist for their own purposes.
(Please remove this if CS241e has its own classlist)

Updating the Website

Note that the CS241e website is updated using git, in order to clone the git repository, ask your prof/ISC for the git clone link (Posting it here may be ill-advised). Create a new folder in the private directory, and clone the git repository in that folder (or even rename of one no longer in-use folders in the ~/private/ directory to avoid wasting a ton of space). After doing this, you may use the following commands in the folder (without the quotation marks):

  • "git pull": this pulls the current changes from the git server
  • "git add -file-": adds a new/updated file to the git repository
  • "git commit": commits the current changes to the git repository. By default this will bring up an emacs file in which you should briefly describe what you changed.
  • "git push": uploads the git repository with your changes
Typically you will use the commands in the order "git pull" -> make edits to the site -> "git add -files-" -> git commit -> git push

Posting Syntax-Highlighted Code

If the starter code has changed you may need to update the syntax-highlighted code available on the website. Starting in ~/private/<yourdir>/

  1. Update the files in res/src-nosols/ and library/src/cs241e with their new versions.
  2. cd scripts/
  3. ./mkcodehtml
You should be ready to go. Remember to commit all of res/, library/ and web/ afterwards.

Running Moss

The moss for CS241e is in the moss folder in the home directory, you should only have to change the term numbers in the script in order to run it for the current term, everything else should be fine without edits. See RunningMoss for moss documentation.

Downloading Marks

When downloading marks, MarmSql should automatically apply extensions and calculate marks according to the formula (.25 * best on-time submission + .75 * best on-time or late submission). Double-check a few at random to make sure it's working correctly.

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