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This twiki is for technical details only. Any other duty information can be found in Waterloo LEARN (D2L): CS Instructional Support Group -> Course Admin & Duties for ISAs.

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Things to Know

Course Account

The course account for CS 145 is In the office, you can find it in Finder under, and then find the "folder" cs145. After entering the folder, wait for a while until it has been successfully loaded.

If you will be working on your personal computer, you can login through ssh or sshfs. Usually, I did it by first ssh to my account ( and then ssh to the course account through this UW linux account.

Course Website

As an ISA, you need to keep the course website updated each day. You will get access to it through the course account.

The following needs to be done regarding the course website:

  • In the beginning of each term, read every page carefully. Pay attention to any details on each sentence. Then, update them accordingly. For example, the year of the course should be updated each year. Another example: tutorial times and/or sections might have changed. This occured in 2019, where we had 2 sections for the course, instead of 1 section from the previous years.
  • Make sure that you keep it updated daily. This is especially important when waiting for updates regarding final exam and/or midterms, or when uploading a tutorial.
  • ...
Piazza and Marmoset

  • The ISC will add students to Piazza in the beginning of the course. In Marmoset, you should receive a training regarding it before you start working with it, where you will add students simultaneously for the Marmoset.
  • For the first 2-3 weeks, you do not need to worry when dealing with students not being able to go to Piazza; the ISC (Karen) should take care of it. However, it is better to clarify things with her regarding this.
  • However, if they have not been able to go to Marmoset, you need to add them manually. You will need their watiam userid and their name. You should have received a training for this as well. If not sure, ask Karen.
  • For the later weeks, if a new student comes in, check with .classlist to decide to add them. Also, you only need their uwaterloo email to enroll them in Piazza.
Testing Account and Test Setups

The testing account for this course is It is important to be familiar with it, but the test cases should have been made by the professor beforehand. Still, you will find it helpful in case you want to update a test case because something had gone wrong. You will encounter some of those during the term.

  • To familiarize yourself with the testing system, go to the testing account through terminal and cd marmoset_dynamic. Look at everything that are available there, especially the directory "assignments" and "stubs".
  • There, you can see everything you need to know for test setups. For uploading new test cases, you need to change the test setups through each assignment in the "test" directory. Then, go to the "stubs" directory from the home directory, and type in the following line: w3m
  • w3m is technically a way to connect to a website through the terminal. Going back to test setups, you should be able to do the rest if you have attended training for Marmoset and/or you have familiarized yourself with it.
  • ...

Below are some tips for making tutorials:

  • Avoid adding materials that are too advanced. Even if this is an advanced course, that does not mean all students could understand all possible things in Computer Science.
  • Consulting materials from lectures and past tutorials is a good idea for preparing the tutorials.
  • Sometimes, it is good to add extra materials that is outside the lecture. However, do not add materials that will be covered in the later part of lecture. For example, if the lecture have not talked about lists, do not talk about lists in your tutorial.
  • ...

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