ca_pub_test_service — Attempts to pass public test work to course accounts


ca_pub_test_service {course} {userid} {assignment} {procID}


This command is meant to be run on the course account via the pub_test_runner processes on the ISG account. It should not be run directly.

The parameters are the course the tests are run on, the user requesting the tests, the assignment that needs to be tested, and a unique ID for this process which it uses to identify itself in log files.


If a request is found by pub_test_runner, it will launch this command on the course account. The main processing is done by rst and the public tests are hardcoded to look for a mailing suite named pt. After the run has completed, the student is sent the results using mailOut.

During the course of the run, ca_pub_test_service will write timestamped log files in /u/csXXX/course/publictests/termcode. The log files are tab-delimited and have fields as follows:

assign .request.log
Not yet implemented!
assign .run.log

  • Timestamp marking run start time

  • Userid of requester

  • Identifier for this process

assign .completedrun.log

  • Timestamp marking run completion time

  • Userid of requester

  • Identifier for this process

  • Mark earned, if it was formatted in the marklist file as writeToMarkList's single-parameter form would do (N/A otherwise)

As well, any error output from rst will be written to the assignment .errors subdirectory, in a file named after the identifier passed as a parameter when the program was launched.

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