Booking Rooms

At some point during your program, you will likely need to book a seminar room. These rooms are used for MMath presentations, PhD defenses, CACR talks, and other events. The Davis Centre has many seminar rooms available for booking. This page lists some of the available rooms and the entities that control them.


To book a room, contact the appropriate person based on the type of event:

  • MMath presentations: Marie Kahkejian
  • PhD seminars and defenses: Paula Roser (use email templates on the right of the PhD requirements webpage)
  • CACR talks: Miti
  • All other bookings (e.g., events, guest speakers, colloquia, conferences): book the room on your own (see below)
If your supervisor is a member of ICR and you would like to book one of their rooms, contact Vera Korody or visit the ICR main office in DC 1330. You still need to contact the person listed above based on the type of seminar.

If you are not giving a PhD seminar, defense, or MMath presentation, and none of these rooms are suitable, you can widen your search by contacting the CS receptionist. As long as your event is CS- or Math-related, the receptionist will have a wider range of rooms available. They may also contact other booking managers for other departments on your behalf (e.g., in order to book a room in MC or M3 for you). Visit the receptionist in the CS Administrative Office in DC 2326 to begin this process.

If you book a room around lunch time, be aware that the CS Graduate Office, CS Administrative Office, and ICR offices typically close at noon for an hour or more, so you should get the room key in advance.


Room Number Controlling Entity Description
DC 2568 CS Graduate Office Primary graduate course room. Note: The projector in this room is faulty and will fail randomly. Few timeslots available. This room permits food and drinks.
DC 2585 CS Graduate Office Large and "deep" room. Rarely used. Regular bookings are discouraged; reserved for emergency colloquia. No food or drinks allowed.
DC 3313 CS Graduate Office Small graduate course room. Few timeslots available.
DC 2310 CS Administrative Office Thesis presentation / defense room. Has a window and teleconferencing capabilities. Too small for talks announced on cacr-grads.
DC 2314 CS Administrative Office Thesis presentation / defense room. Does not have a window or teleconferencing capabilities. Too small for talks announced on cacr-grads.
DC 3317 CS Administrative Office New conference room, located in the hall just down from CrySP. Appropriate for small meetings (such as comp-II exams or TA meetings).
DC 1301 ICR The "fishbowl". Large room (capacity 100) with nice chairs and windows into the DC atrium. Primarily used for receptions.
DC 1302 ICR Primary guest speaker / colloquium room. Very large.
DC 1304 ICR Large guest speaker / colloquium room. Smaller than DC 1302 but larger than the other rooms.
DC 1316 ICR Small conference room. Rarely used.
DC 1331 ICR Conference room. Used for CrySP weekly meetings.
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