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CS 488: Introduction to Computer Graphics

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General description

This course gives students a solid background in 3-D graphics techniques for use as a tool in more advanced applications. A major part of the course involves hands-on activities using an interactive graphics workstation.



Normally available

Related courses

Enrolment may be limited due to availability of graphics equipment.

For official details, see the UW calendar.

Software/hardware used

Typical reference(s)

Required preparation

At the start of the course, students should be able to

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to

Typical syllabus

Graphics environment (4 hours)

Mathematical underpinnings (4 hours)

Transformations (4 hours)

Interrupting, picking, polling, callbacks (10 hours)

Hidden surfaces and shading (4 hours)

Ray tracing (4 hours)

Physically based rendering (4 hours)

Discretionary topics (5 hours)


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