CS 432 Business Systems Analysis


The course emphasizes systems analysis as a discipline and attempts to identify the role of the systems analyst and end user in the analysis and synthesis of computer based business information systems. The course covers the concepts, skills, methodologies, techniques, and tools essential for the systems analyst to successfully develop information systems. The student is introduced to various business system application areas and different techniques of structured analysis as well as object-oriented analysis.

Intended Audience

This course will appeal primarily to students dealing with computer applications, students in the CS Minor plan and students in the Business Administration and Accounting Options, Actuarial Science and Statistics plans.

Related Courses

Prerequisites: CS 330 and third-year standing. Not open to Computer Science students.

Antirequisites: AFM 341/ACC 442, CS 445/ECE 451, MSCI 444, SE 463.


Used in Course: None.



3 hours of lectures per week. Normally available in Fall and Spring.


  1. CS 432 cannot be counted for credit by students in a CS major plan.


Systems Analysis as a Discipline (7 hours)

Introduction to the systems development environment and modern systems analysis. The role of the systems analyst. Organizational responsibilities during IS development. Introduction to planning, scheduling, management, and control of IS projects.

Systems Analysis Techniques (11 hours)

Requirements analysis and determination. Data collection methods (interview, questionnaire, etc.) and analysis of results. Initiation and planning of IS projects, determining costs and benefits, and assessing technical feasibility. Characteristics of the traditional SDLC vs. modern structured analysis and object-oriented analysis.

Structuring and Modeling System Requirements (6 hours)

Process modeling, conceptual data modeling, logic modeling, object modeling and class diagrams.

Transition from Analysis to Design (3 hours)

Automation boundary issues. Completion of process specification document.

Systems Analysis in Business Information Systems (9 hours)

Case study analysis of a common business problem in small student groups. Progress reports and evaluations of this case analysis.

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