CS 330 Management Information Systems


This course is intended as an introduction to information systems and their strategic role in business. Various technical, developmental and management aspects of information systems will be explored.

Intended Audience

This course is most suitable for students interested in the application of computers to business.

Related Courses

Prerequisites: One of CS 116, 126/124, 134, 136, 138, 145 taken fall 2010 or earlier, CS 146; Level at least 2B; Not open to Computer Science students.

Antirequisites: AFM/ACC 241, CS 480, 490, MSCI 441.

Successors: CS 338, 430, 432.


Used in Course: None.

Assumed Background: A good understanding of basic hardware and software concepts.


Management Information Systems, 6th Canadian Ed., by K.C. Laudon, J. Laudon, and M. E. Brabston, Pearson Education Canada, 2012.


3 hours of lectures per week. Normally available in Fall, Winter, and Spring.


  1. CS 330 cannot be counted for credit by students in a CS major plan.


Foundations of Information Systems (9 hours)

Introduction to information systems. Examples of information systems. The strategic role of information. Information systems and organizations. Information management and decision making.

Technical Foundations of Information Systems (6 hours)

Hardware, software. Files, databases. Telecommunications. Connectivity/standards. Microcomputers.

Building Information Systems (15 hours)

Systems tools and techniques. Systems analysis and design. Systems development life cycle. Alternative systems development strategies. Prototyping, packages, end-user systems development. Decision support systems. Artificial intelligence. Information systems control. Systems implementation.

Managing Information System Resources (6 hours)

Data administration, planning and control. Management of information systems.

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