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These lecture notes were prepared for the course CS 798/QIC 890 Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory, taught at the University of Waterloo in Spring 2020. There are currently only 8 lectures, but I do plan to add additional lectures in the future.

Latest update: March 14, 2021

All 8 lectures in one file (106 pages) [pdf]

1. Conic programming [pdf]
2. Max-relative entropy and conditional min-entropy [pdf]
3. Smoothing and optimizing max-relative entropy [pdf]
4. Regularization of the smoothed max-relative entropy [pdf]
5. Min-relative entropy, conditional max-entropy, and hypothesis-testing relative entropy [pdf]
6. Nonlocal games and Tsirelson’s theorem [pdf]
7. A semidefinite program for the entangled bias of XOR games [pdf]
8. The hierarchy of Navascues, Pironio, and Acin [pdf]

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