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Wikipedia:world music, dark wave, ambient, new age, neoclassical, ethereal, gothic rock, post-punk, dream pop
MusicBrainz:4ad, darkwave, dream pop, ethereal wave, goth, new age, world

Dead Can Dance American Dreaming [Live] 4:55 108.2 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-09 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Cantara [Live] 5:16 110.9 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-10 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Desert Song [Live] 4:21 127.6 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-03 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Don't Fade Away [Live] 6:12 116.6 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-15 (details...)
Dead Can Dance I Am Stretched on Your Grave [Live] 4:38 107.0 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-07 (details...)
Dead Can Dance I Can See Now [Live] 2:56 113.2 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-08 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Oman [Live] 5:49 90.0 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-11 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Persian Love Song [Live] 2:56 103.3 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-02 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Piece for Solo Flute [Live] 3:34 104.2 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-05 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Rakim [Live] 6:25 157.0 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-01 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Sanvean [Live] 4:05 132.1 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-14 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Song of the Sibyl [Live] 4:31 103.1 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-12 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Tristan [Live] 1:48 128.1 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-13 (details...)
Dead Can Dance The Wind That Shakes the Barley [Live] 3:12 108.0 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-06 (details...)
Dead Can Dance Yulunga (Spirit Dance) [Live] 7:12 97.8 1994 Rock 1990s DEDCDNCE_TTW-04 (details...)