Welcome to my Movie Rating Database

This database is for:
(1) Rating Movies,
(2) Keeping track of every movie I've seen,
(3) Comparing my ratings to those of others,
(4) Logging every time I watch a movie, and
(5) Collecting some interesting statistics.

There are currently 3879 ratings in this database, which is incomplete: I estimate I've seen a few hundred more.

My ratings reflect my odd personal sensibilities and sentimentalities. They are not final: I change my mind and opinions frequently.

My top movies (rated 8-10) can be seen here.

Interpreting my ratings:

10 This is one of my favourite movies of all time.  If you haven't seen the movie, go see it now. Thumbs Up
I loved this movie.
I liked this movie and I would recommend watching it.
5 I am neutral on this movie OR I've seen it but haven't rated it yet. Neutral
I didn't like this movie and I would not recommend watching it. Thumbs Down
I hated this movie.

Database Format:

109.388%DVD Logo The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 

(1) Visually shows my rating (above) and the IMDb Average Rating (below)
(2) Is my personal rating
(3) Is the average IMDb rating
(4) Is the Rotten Tomatoes T-Meter
(5) Indicates whether or not I have the movie on DVD
(6) Is the name and year of the movie with a link to the corresponding IMDb entry

For completeness, I include direct-to-video movies, made-for-TV specials as well as some short films in my database