I like skiing and will continue to ski even though I broke my leg at Keystone, Colorado Ski Resort doing so in April 1996 on my way to a requirements engineering conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Indeed I volunteered to be program committee co-chair of the same conference in 1998 in order to get three expense paid trips to the same place during the ski seasons!

I also skate (``ice'' is redundant in Canada!) and swim (indoors in the winter). The former is part of my effort to blend into Canada, and the latter is part of my effort to keep my California and Israeli roots.

I am a Star Trek fan from the very first showings of the old series back in 1966. I have watched all the old series, all of the Next Generation, and all of Deep Space Nine. I am avidly watching the current showings of Voyager. I have seen all of the movies and am awaiting the next one. I wish that they would issue the old Animated Series in Closed Captioned form.

Home page of Paramount, the producers of all current Star Trek productions

As an exercise in the use of some of the software developed in my electronic publishing research, I prepared in PDF and ps.Z forms, a one-page document with the logo of Star Trek, the Next Generation and the text of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's opening speech in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. The first was copied from the closed-captioning text on the TV in the U.S., the Hebrew subtitles on the Israel TV broadcast of the show, and the Arabic subtitles on the Mideast TV broadcast of the show.

Live Long and Prosper!

Probably the two most important journals I read are Mad Magazine. and the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR).
I organized an improbable research seminar at ICSE 1997 in Boston
I used to read the Journal of Irreproducible Results, but I had a dispute with them over a paper of mine that they mis-published and I stopped my subscription.

I wonder if it's significant that my two most important journals are satirical magazines?

I like cooking and think that I cook better than any restaurant in Israel and Waterloo! I cook all kinds of food:

I have even catered two weddings, both with 250 people's worth of Brazilian Feijoada Incompleta (Caxeira)!

Some menues that I have developed or stolen: