Feijoada Incompleta
(Feijoada Completa has pork, this has NONE)

Ingredients: enough for a dozen people

Feijoada itself:
  2 lb black beans
  bay leaf
  salt and pepper to taste
  3 cloves garlic
  3 big onions
  1 lb beef roast
  1/4 lb of smoked tongue if you can find it (smoked and NOT pickled)
  1 package of bacon substitute
  2 packages of sausage substitute
  2 jars of dried beef
  1 jar of liquid smoke

bunch of collard greens

For farofa:
  bag of farinha de mandioca (mandioca flour)
     (I am told that you can use tapioca flour, but I've never tried it)
  4 hard boiled eggs cooled and sliced
  3 T imitation bacon bits
  half stick of butter

tabasco sauce

4 cups of rice cooked in normal fashion

4 oranges sliced into quarters


Soak black beans over the night before OR for 6 hours before you begin to cook (and not more than 10 hours because beans start to sprout!)

Put beans in bottom of big corn pot, add hot water to more than cover.. add more if necessary to cover meat later. Turn on high heat and bring to boil and add the bay leaf, salt, and pepper.

In mean time saute the onions and garlic in a vegetable oil until golden.

After beans have boiled for an hour, take out 1/2 cup of beans, and blend in a blender with the sauted onion and garlic and a bit of the water which is cooking the beans to make a thick soup. Add this soup to the beans in boiling water.

Now add the meat to the beans and bring back to a boil. As the water is heating add roast cut up into 1 inch cubes, add bacon slices cut in half with axis perpendicular to long axis, add the sausage sliced to 1.5 inch slices, add slices of tongue, add the dried beef slices separated, and then pour in the liquid smoke. Water should cover all the meats. After the boiling starts bring heat down to allow the stuff to simmer covered for 5 hours.

1/2 hour before you're ready to eat, put the collard greens in the pot on top of the liquid so that the greens will be steamed by the steam rising out of the water.

In a dry frying pan, with a dry spatula, melt the butter over medium high heat, as the butter is about 1/2 melted, add the farinha, stir fry it a bit, then add the egg slices and bacon bits, and stir fry until the lumping caused by the melting butter hitting clumps of the farinha has stopped and it is completely individual grains, and sort of breaded egg pieces. Then turn heat down to lowest to keep warm until serving.

When cooked, separate meat from beans into separate platters and serve with caipirinha (batida de limao)

Serving protocol:

On one side of plate dish out rice and flatten into circle, then ladle beans over rice to same sized circle, then sprinkle farofa to cover beans. On other half of plate dish out meat, at least a chunk of each kind. Spoon gravy over mean and beans..

Collard greens is side dish.

Some sprinkle tabasco sauce on the meat and beans.. many do not.

Oranges are for after eating the feijoada to cleans mouth for dessert.