Brazilian Coconut Puddim

Dan, it took me a while, but here it is: 1 can sweet condensed milk; same amount of coconut milk; 4 eggs; 1 teacup of grated coconut

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Make some caramel by cooking some sugar and water (just a little bit), and spread the caramel on a pan. Put the mixed ingredients over it (the caramel should only be coating the pan), and put this pan inside another (bigger one), filled with water. Put everything in the oven, and let the boiling water cook the pudding (this process is called "banho-maria"). You must test the consistency of the pudding to determine when to take it out of the oven; should be approx. 1 hour. I hope this recipe is clear enough...

Cheers, Danny (Schwabe)

I occasionally leave out the grated coconut, because it has a tendency to float to the top..

The coconut milk must be sweetened or else a lot of sugar must be added.

Occasionally, I add two heaping tablespoons of Nestle's quick to make it chocolate.

Also I never bother carmelizing.. I just use Pam spray or margarine or butter to line the pan..

Dan (Berry)