Perl Module Improve Pit


This module currently only supports conversion from {month, year} into a number of other formats. This representation should just be another supported format (with {month} being the first month of the term as the canonical form), and it should be possible to convert between any of them. Once this is done, the command-line utility should also be updated.

The tricky part is converting the forms with ambiguous two-digit years. The proposed algorithm is to convert a 2-digit year into the full-year representation closest to the current year (in other words, assume a given 2-digit year is within 50 years of the current year).


While the differentiation of file types and the expanded amount of information (student vs. tutor ..., etc.) are beneficial, the module itself is pretty ugly. The constants are probably good, but the functions parsing the classlist data should be cleaned up as much as possible, and the few centralized commands dependent on it adapted appropriately. Ideally, this will be done before anybody else decides to craft a local program dependent on some internal details of

Topic revision: r1 - 2010-04-28 - TerryVaskor
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