To run Moss on assignments, you needto run ~cs246/moss/Scripts/ .

You need to change some variables, comment/uncomment lines each time depending on the setup:

# You might want to use search functionality to find where these variables have been defined.

# The following are term numbers of the past terms you want to compare the solution with.




# ...

# The following are directories where the student submission of past term's assignment is stored.




# ...

# This is the actual command going to be invoked to run moss on a past term.

# Comment out the lines for corresponding terms that you are not running moss with.

# If you are running only with the current term, comment all of them out.

${scriptDir}/ $resultDir $TERM1 $TERM1NUM

${scriptDir}/ $resultDir $TERM2 $TERM1NUM

${scriptDir}/ $resultDir $TERM3 $TERM1NUM

-- YangTianZi - 2015-08-20

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