Distributed RST

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This command allows multiple RST runs to be performed in parallel with automatic load distribution, greatly reducing the amount of time required to do an RST test run.

The only requirement is that it know what servers to run on: see RSTTestServers for details.

For example in A1,
In ~/marking, create a symbolic link from A1 to A1_autotest by running
cd ~/marking

ln -s A1 A1_autotest

In ~/handin, make an empty directory for your test by running
cd ~/handin

mkdir A1_autotest

Now in ~/markus/bin, you need to modify CheckoutAndCommit.py and MakeGradedAssignment.py
to make sure it is the correct time/date and assignment.

Now in ~/markus/bin, run
cd ~/markus/bin

python CheckoutAndCommit.py checkout viewcmds

python CheckoutAndCommit.py checkout runcmds

distrst -t t A1_autotest release

This may take some time.

You will see a bunch of output and take note what the random numbers are
let's call it XXXX
After it is done, in ~/marking/A1_autotest/release.XXXX you will find the marking results.
You will then need to go to CheckoutAndCommit.py and MakeGradedAssignment.py t o modify the release number to be XXXX.

Now in ~/markus/bin, run

cd ~/markus/bin

python MakeGradedAssignment.py

python CheckoutAndCommit.py commit viewcmds

python CheckoutAndCommit.py commit runcmds

Now you need to go to markus to accept these changes by modifying the due date to a date/time after your CheckoutAndCommit.py finished running.

Now collect the submissions, and you're done.
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