BitterSuite Filter language: Reject files until A0 is submitted

The text below should be placed in a file on the course account; for example, in the test suite's provided folder in a file called a0_require.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

require '/u/isg/bin/perl/';

use constant LOGGED_ASSIGN => 'a00';
use constant ERRCODE => 51;
use constant REJMSG => 'Assignment ' . LOGGED_ASSIGN . ' has not yet received full public test marks.';

# Secret hack sauce.
# These values must come from RST, as BitterSuite doesn't know them.
# Generally we try to avoid reaching outside of a BitterSuite context...
# mais, c'est la vie.
my $course = $ENV{'course'};
my $student = $ENV{'student'};

# It's unfortunate that Perl doesn't just accept TermCode::FMT_REGISTRAR;
# it is much cleaner, less prone to breaking, etc...
#my $term = TermCode::current_termcode(TermCode::FMT_REGISTRAR);
my $term = TermCode::current_termcode(2);

my $pubtestlog = "/u/$course/course/publictests/" . $term . '/' . LOGGED_ASSIGN . '.completedrun.log';

my $passed = 0;

if ( -e $pubtestlog) {
   open( PTL, $pubtestlog ) or print "Cannot open log: $!\n" and exit ERRCODE;
   while(my $pubtestline = <PTL>) {

      # If this student has a perfect mark recorded, then the requirement
      # has been met; terminate the loop
      # NOTE: As we know the value of $student will not change for the
      # lifetime of this program, we set this regex to compile only once.
      if ($pubtestline =~ /^\s*\d+\s*${student}\s*\S*\s*([0-9.]+)\s*\/\s*([0-9.]+)\s*$/o) {
         if ($1 == $2) {
            $passed = 1;

   close( PTL );

# unless the student passed the required assignment, reject all
# submission attempts
unless ($passed) {
   print REJMSG . "\n";
   exit ERRCODE;

exit 0;

Then the following options should be active:

(language filter)
(test-action submit-style-filter)
(external-cmd "a0_require")

This will reject all files submitted by the user unless it finds the user has obtained a perfect mark on an assignment called a00.

Topic revision: r1 - 2010-09-03 - TerryVaskor
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