Upcoming Events

This page lists upcoming events that will be of interest to CrySP students. Normally, events for the week are also posted in the IRC channel. This list does not include the weekly CrySP meetings—those can be found in the Speaker Schedule. Gray events will only be of interest to a few students.

Date Time Location Details Link
2019-03-25 9:30am RCH 101 CO 487 lecture. Vitalik Buterin. The future of cryptocurrencies and blockchains -
2019-03-25 4pm RCH 101 DLS lecture. Vitalik Buterin. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains: combining mechanism design and computation -
2019-04-01 9:30am RCH 101 CO 487 lecture. Nick Sullivan. How to encrypt the Internet -
2019-04-02 11:30am MC 5501 Lecture. Nick Sullivan. IETF encryption standards post-TLS 1.3 -
2019-08-26 to
9am EIT 3142 Week-long ECE workshop. ML + Verification + Security Event Page (Free Tickets Required)


These events are assembled from various mailing lists and websites, including the following:

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