Handbook of Constraint Programming

Edited by Francesca Rossi, Peter van Beek, Toby Walsh.
Elsevier, 978 pages, publication date: August, 2006.

Constraint programming is a powerful paradigm for solving combinatorial search problems that draws on a wide range of techniques from artificial intelligence, computer science, databases, programming languages, and operations research. Constraint programming is currently applied with success to many domains, such as scheduling, planning, vehicle routing, configuration, networks, and bioinformatics. The aim of this handbook is to capture the full breadth and depth of the constraint programming field and to be encyclopedic in its scope and coverage.

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  Table of Contents (.pdf)  
Part I Chapter 1. Introduction
Francesca Rossi, Peter van Beek, Toby Walsh
  Chapter 2. Constraint Satisfaction: An Emerging Paradigm
Eugene C. Freuder, Alan K. Mackworth
  Chapter 3. Constraint Propagation
Christian Bessiere
Errata (.txt)
  Chapter 4. Backtracking Search Algorithms
Peter van Beek
  Chapter 5. Local Search Methods
Holger H. Hoos, Edward Tsang
  Chapter 6. Global Constraints
Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Irit Katriel
  Chapter 7. Tractable Structures for CSPs
Rina Dechter
  Chapter 8. The Complexity of Constraint Languages
David Cohen, Peter Jeavons
  Chapter 9. Soft Constraints
Pedro Meseguer, Francesca Rossi, Thomas Schiex
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  Chapter 10. Symmetry in Constraint Programming
Ian P. Gent, Karen E. Petrie, Jean-Francois Puget
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  Chapter 11. Modelling
Barbara M. Smith
Part II Chapter 12. Constraint Logic Programming
Kim Marriott, Peter J. Stuckey, Mark Wallace
  Chapter 13. Constraints in Procedural and Concurrent Languages
Thom Fruehwirth, Laurent Michel, Christian Schulte
  Chapter 14. Finite Domain Constraint Programming Systems
Christian Schulte, Mats Carlsson
Errata (.txt)
  Chapter 15. Operations Research Methods in Constraint Programming
John Hooker
  Chapter 16. Continuous and Interval Constraints
Frederic Benhamou, Laurent Granvilliers
  Chapter 17. Constraints over Structured Domains
Carmen Gervet
  Chapter 18. Randomness and Structure
Carla Gomes, Toby Walsh
  Chapter 19. Temporal CSPs
Manolis Koubarakis
  Chapter 20. Distributed Constraint Programming
Boi Faltings
  Chapter 21. Uncertainty and Change
Kenneth N. Brown, Ian Miguel
  Chapter 22. Constraint-Based Scheduling and Planning
Philippe Baptiste, Philippe Laborie, Claude Le Pape, Wim Nuijten
  Chapter 23. Vehicle Routing
Philip Kilby, Paul Shaw
  Chapter 24. Configuration
Ulrich Junker
  Chapter 25. Constraint Applications in Networks
Helmut Simonis
  Chapter 26. Bioinformatics and Constraints
Rolf Backofen, David Gilbert
  Index (.pdf)  

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