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Journal Papers

  • D. Yan, G. Guo, J. Khalil, M. T. Özsu, Wei-Shinn Ku, and John C.S. Lui. G-thinker: A general distributed framework for finding qualified subgraphs in a big graph with load balancing. VLDB Journal, 31: 287–320, 2022
  • P. Peng, Q. Ge, L. Zou, M. T. Özsu, Z. Xu, and D. Zhao. Optimizing Multi-Query Evaluation in Federated RDF Systems. IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng., 33(4):1692–1707, 2021.
  • G. Guo, D. Yan, M. T. Özsu, Z. Jiang, and J. Khalil. Scalable mining of maximal quasi-cliques: An algorithm-system codesign approach. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 14(4):573 – 585, 2020.
  • Y. Chen, G. Xiao, M. T. Özsu, C. Liu, A. Y. Zomaya, and T. Li. aeSpTV: An adaptive and efficient framework for sparse tensor-vector product kernel on a high-performance computing platform. IEEE Trans. Parall. Dist. Sys., 31(10):2329–2345, 2020.
  • X. Zhang and M. T. Özsu. Correlation Constraint Shortest Path over Large Multi-Correlation Graphs. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 12(5): 488-501, 2019.
  • G. Aluç, M. T. Özsu, and K. Daudjee. Building self-clustering RDF databases using Tunable-LSH. VLDB Journal, 28(2): 173-195, 2019.
  • K. Ammar and M. T. Özsu. Experimental Analysis of Distributed Graph Systems. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 11(10): 1151-1164, 2018.
  • A. Sahu, A. Mhedhbi, S. Salihoglu, J. Lin, M. T. Özsu. The Ubiquity of Large Graphs and Surprising Challenges of Graph Processing. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 11(4): 420-431, 2018.
  • S. Salihoglu and M. T. Özsu. Response to `Scale Up or Scale Out for Graph Processing?', IEEE Internet Comput., 22(5):18–24, 2018.
  • Y. Yang, L. Golab and M. T. Özsu. ViewDF: Declarative Incremental View Maintenance for Streaming Data. Information Systems, 71: 55-67, 2017.
  • L. Zou and M. T. Özsu. Graph-based RDF Data Management. Data Science and Engineering, 2017.
  • D. Yan, J. Cheng, M. T. Özsu, F. Yang, Y. Lu, J. C.S. Liu, Q. Zhang, and W. Ng. A General-Purpose Query-Centric Framework for Querying Big Graphs. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 9(7):564 – 575, 2016.
  • M. T. Özsu. A Survey of RDF Data Management Systems. Front. Comp. Sci., 10(3): 418-432.
  • P. Peng, L. Zou, M. T. Özsu, L. Chen, D. Zhao. Processing SPARQL Queries Over Distributed RDF Graphs. VLDB Journal, 25(2):243–268, 2016.
  • M. Han, K. Daudjee, K. Ammar, M. T. Özsu, X. Wang, T. Jin. An Experimental Comparison of Pregel-like Graph Processing Systems. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 7(12): 1047-1058, 2014.
  • P. Chairunnanda, K. Daudjee, and M. T. Özsu. ConfluxDB: Multi-Master Replication for Partitioned Snapshot Isolation Databases. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 7(11): 947-958, 2014.
  • G. Aluç, M. T. Özsu, and K. Daudjee. Workload Matters: Why RDF Databases New a New Design. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 7(10): 837 - 840, 2014.
  • C. Balkesen, J. Teubner, G. Alonso, and M. T. Özsu. Main-memory hash joins on modern processor architectures. IEEE Trans. Knowl. and Data Eng., 27(7):1754–1766, 2015.
  • L. Zou, M. T. Özsu, L. Chen, X. Sheng, R. Huang, and D. Zhao. gStore: A Graph-based SPARQL Query Engine. VLDB Journal, 23(4): 565-590, 2014.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceDistributed data management using MapReduce
    Feng Li, Beng Chin Ooi, M. Tamer Özsu, Sai Wu
    ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 2014
  • C. Balkesen, J. Teubner, G. Alonso, and M. T. Özsu. Multi-Core, Main-Memory Joins: Sort vs. Hash Revisited. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 7(1): 85 - 96, 2013.
  • T. Chen, L. Chen, M. T. Özsu, N. Xiao, and N. Zhang. Optimizing multi-top-k queries over uncertain data streams. IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng., 25(8): 1814 - 1829, 2013.
  • P. Kling, M. T. Özsu, and K. Daudjee. Scaling XML query processing: Distribution, localization and pruning. Distrib. Parall. Databases, 29(5-6): 445-490, 2011.
  • L. Zou, L. Chen, M. T. Özsu, and D. Zhao. Answering pattern match queries in large graph databases via graph embedding. VLDB Journal, 21(1): 97-120, 2012.
  • G. Chen, H. T. Vo, S. Wu, B. C. Ooi, and M. T. Özsu. A Framework for Supporting DBMS-like Indexes in the Cloud. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 4(11): 702-713, 2011.
  • L. Zou, J. Mo, D. Zhao, L. Chen, and M. T. Özsu. gStore:Answering SPARQL queries via subgraph matching. Proc. VLDB Endowment, 4(8): 482-493, 2011.
  • R. C-W. Wong, M. T. Özsu, A. W-C Fu, P. S. Yu, L. Liu, Y. Liu. Maximizing Bichromatic Reverse Nearest Neighbor for Lp-Norm in Two- and Three-Dimensional Space. VLDB Journal, 20(6): 893-919, 2011.
  • P. Kling, M. T. Özsu, and K. Daudjee. Generating efficient execution plans for vertically partitioned XML databases.Proc. VLDB Endowment, 4(1): 1-11, 2010.
  • E. Lo, C. Binnig, D. Kossmann, M. T. Özsu and W-K Hon. A Framework for Testing DBMS Features. VLDB Journal, 19(2): 203--230, 2010.
  • Q. Wang, K. Daudjee, and M. T. Özsu. Popularity-aware Prefetch in P2P Range Cashing. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 3(2): 145-160.
  • Y. Li, M. T. Özsu, and K-L. Tan. XCube: Processing XPath Queries in a Hypercube Overlay Network. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2(2): 128-145, 2009.
  • C. Plattner, G. Alonso, and M. T. Özsu. Extending DBMSs with Satellite Databases. VLDB Journal, 17: 657-682, 2008.
  • I. Bartolini, P. Ciaccia, V. Oria, and M. T. Özsu. Flexible Integration of Multimedia Sub-Queries with Qualitative Preferences. Multimedia Tools & Applications Journal, 33(3): 275-300, June 2007.
  • M. H. S. Attar and M. T. Özsu. Alternative Architectures and Protocols for Providing Strong Consistency in Dynamic Web Applications. World Wide Web Journal, 9(3): 215-251, October 2006.
  • D. Che, K. Aberer, and M. T. Özsu. Query Optimization in XML Structured Document Databases. VLDB Journal, 15(3): 263-289, 2006.
  • J. Lian, L. Chen, K. Naik, M. T. Özsu, and G. B. Agnew. BBS: An Energy-efficient Localized Routing Scheme for Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2(1): 23-54, 2006.
  • Ş. Gündüz-Ögüdücü and M. T. Özsu. Incremental Click-Stream Tree Model: Learning From New Users for Web Page Prediction. International Journal on Distributed and Parallel Databases, 19(1): 5- 27, January 2006.
  • E. Paciti, C. Coulon, P. Valduriez, and M. T. Özsu. Preventive Replication in a Database Cluster. International Journal on Distributed and Parallel Databases, 18(3): 223-251, November 2005.
  • L. Chen, M. T. Özsu, V. Oria. MINDEX: An Efficient Index Structure for Salient Object-based Queries in Video Databases. ACM Multimedia Systems, 10: 56-71, 2004.
  • V. Oria, M. T. Özsu, P. J. Iglinski. Foundations of the DISIMA Image Query Languages. Multimedia Tools & Applications, 23: 185-201, 2004.
  • K. Voruganti, M. T. Özsu, and R. Unrau. An Adaptive Data-Shipping Architecture for Client Caching Data Management Systems. Distributed and Parallel Databases, 15(2): 137-177, March 2004.
  • V. Oria and M. T. Özsu. Views or Points of View on Images. International Journal of Image and Graphics, 3(1): 55-80, January 2003.
  • L. Cao and M. T. Özsu. Evaluation of Strong Web Caching Techniques. World Wide Web Journal, 5(2): 95-123, 2002.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceOn type systems for object-oriented database programming languages
    Yuri Leontiev, M. Tamer Özsu, Duane Szafron
    ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 2002
  • I. Goralwalla, Y. Leontiev, M. T. Özsu, D. Szafron, and C. Combi. Temporal Granularity: Completing the Puzzle" Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 16: 41-63, 2001.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceDISIMA: a distributed and interoperable image database system
    Vincent Oria, M. Tamer Özsu, Paul J. Iglinski, Shu Lin, Bin Yao
    ACM SIGMOD Record, 2000 (SIGMOD 2000 Conference Demo Paper)
  • I. Goralwalla, D. Szafron, M. T. Özsu, and R. G. Peters. A Temporal Approach to Managing Schema Evolution in Object Database Systems. Data & Knowledge Engineering , 28(1): 73-105, 1998.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceDistributed object computing platforms
    Asuman Dogac, Cevdet Dengi, M. Tamer Özsu
    Communications of the ACM, 1998
  • J. W. Wong, K. A. Lyons, D. Evans, R. J. Velthuys, G.v. Bochmann, E. Dubois, N. D. Georganas, G. Neufeld, M. T. Özsu, J. Brinskelle, A. Hafid, N. Hutchinson, P. Iglinski, B. Kerherve, L. Lamont, D. Makaroff, and D. Szafron. Enabling Technology for Distributed Multimedia Applications. IBM Systems Journal, 36(4), 1997, pages 489-507.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceAn axiomatic model of dynamic schema evolution in objectbase systems
    Randel J. Peters, M. Tamer Özsu
    ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 1997
  • I. A. Goralwalla, M. T. Özsu and D. Szafron. Modeling Medical Trials in Pharmacoeconomics Using a Temporal Object Model. Computers in Biology and Medicine (Special Issue on Time Oriented Systems in Medicine), 27(5):369-387, 1997.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceFuture of database systems: changing applications and technological developments
    M. Tamer Özsu
    ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) - Special issue: position statements on strategic directions in computing research, 1996
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceDistributed and parallel database systems
    M. Tamer Özsu, Patrick Valduriez
    ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 1996
  • M. T. Özsu, R. J. Peters, D. Szafron, B. Irani, A. Lipka, and A. Munoz. TIGUKAT: A Uniform Behavioral Objectbase Management System. The VLDB Journal, 4: 100-147, August 1995.
  • M. T. Özsu, D. Szafron, G. El-Medani, and C. Vittal. An Object-Oriented Multimedia Database System for a News-on-Demand Application. ACM Multimedia Systems, 3: 182-203, 1995.
  • D. D. Straube and M. T. Özsu. Query Optimization and Execution Plan Generation in Object-Oriented Database Systems. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 7(2): 210-227, April 1995.
  • M. T. Özsu and D. D. Straube. Query Optimization and Issues in Query Model Design in Object-Oriented Database Systems. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 13: 157-167, 1991.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceQueries and query processing in object-oriented database systems
    David D. Straube, M. Tamer Özsu
    ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), 1990
  • M. T. Özsu and D. Meechan. Join Processing Heuristics in Relational Database Systems. Information Systems, 15(4): 429-444, 1990.
  • M. T. Özsu and D. Meechan. Finding Heuristics for Processing Selection Queries in Relational Database Systems. Information Systems, 15(3): 359-373, 1990.
  • ACM DL
                Author-ize serviceUsing semantic knowledge of transactions to increase concurrency
    Abdel Aziz Farrag, M. Tamer Özsu
    ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 1989
  • M. T. Özsu, K. L. Wong and T. M. Koon. System Modeling and Analysis Using Petri Nets. Journal of Systems Analysis - Modeling - Simulation, 5(1): 3-25, 1988.
  • A. A. Farrag and M. T. Özsu. Towards a General Concurrency Control Algorithm for Database Systems. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 13(10): 1073-1079, October 1987.
  • M. T. Özsu. Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Database Concurrency Control Algorithms Using an Extended Petri Net Formalism. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, SE-11(10): 1225-1240, October 1985.
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