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CS489/698 Winter 2018 - Introduction to Machine Learning

There will be five assignments, each worth 8% of the final mark (6% for CS698). Assignments are done individually (i.e., no team). Each assignment will have a theoretical part and a programming part.

The approximate out and due dates are:

On the due date of an assignment, the work done to date should be submitted electronically on the LEARN website; further material may be submitted with a 2% penalty for every rounded up hour past the deadline. For example, an assignment submitted 5 hours and 15 min late will receive a penalty of ceiling(5.25) * 2% = 12%. Assignments submitted more than 50 hours late will not be marked.

Assignment 1: due Jan 19 (11:59 pm)

Assignment 2: due Feb 2 (11:59 pm)

Assignment 3: due March 2 (11:59 pm)

Assignment 4: due March 16 (11:59 pm)

Assignment 5: due March 30 (11:59 pm)