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UW 3+1 Program

The University of Waterloo is a dynamic institution, recognized as the most innovative comprehensive university in Canada. Our university currently has formal exchange agreements with top universities in China, including Tsinghua University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University.

UW 3+1 program with China is an exchange program for undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science with a long history of 10 years. Students from the above universities are given the chance to spend one academic year in University of Waterloo.

Chinese students accepted into this exchange program will be awarded the Jimin Liu Scholarship. The total scholarship covers the one-year living expenses.

There are numerous program benefits for the participating students:

  1. Students experience a western style of higher education in Canada;
  2. The one year on-campus experience in their home universities increases students chances of successfully completing their studies in Canada;
  3. Students take advantage of both education systems;
  4. Students are poised to become strong competitors in the international job market;
  5. Students are better prepared for further study worldwide.