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Term and Year of Offering: Winter 2010

Course Number and Title: CS 856, Advanced Topics in Distributed Computing: Latency in Communication Systems

Comp Sec Camp Loc Time Days/Date Bldg Room Instructor
SEM 001UW U01:00-03:50WMC 2036Martin Karsten

Instructor's Name Office Location Contact Office Hours
Martin Karsten DC 3506 mkarstenuwaterloo.ca by email

NOTE: If you have missed the organizational meeting and would like to take the course for credit, please send an email to the instructor.

Course Description

Communication latency is a defining performance metric for computer and communication systems. However, its significance is often overshadowed by throughput considerations. In this course, we will study the diverse challenges that communication latency poses to various systems- and application-level computing and communication machinery. We will investigate and attempt to categorize/generalize solution approaches.

Course Overview

Tentative Timeline

Jan 6Organizational Meeting
Jan 13Lecture & Discussion (applications & challenges)
Jan 20Lecture & Discussion (typical solution approaches)
Jan 27Guest Lecture: David Pariag, Sandvine
Feb 3Guest Lecture: Stephen Gibbs, TD Securities
Feb 10Guest Lecture: Sean Simmons, RIM
Feb 17Reading Week (no class)
Feb 24Guest Lecture: Sowmini Varadhan, Sun/Oracle
Mar 3Project Reviews
Mar 10Paper Discussion
Mar 17Paper Discussion
Mar 24Project Presentations
Mar 31Project Presentations


The primary means for announcements are this web page and the course newsgroup uw.cs.cs856 (see this page for further information).

Please direct all questions to the course newsgroup. If there is a good reason not to use the newsgroup (e.g., personal matters, a question that might reveal part of a solution, etc.) contact the instructor directly via email. Please use email only as a last resort. The instructor may decide that the response to an email question is more appropriate for the newsgroup and repost the question there.


From the School's web page:

Graduate courses assume a background of at least third-year Honours Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and a similar level of mathematical maturity. Students lacking this background will be asked to acquire this material in addition to the other requirements of the program.

Students considering the course should have taken and enjoyed a computer networks course, such as CS 456/656.

Evaluation (tentative)

IMPORTANT: Class attendance is required throughout the term!

Class Participation10
Paper Reviews10
Paper Presentation10
Summary Paper20
Course Project50

For an audit credit, you need to satisfy passing requirements for 'Class Participation' and 'Paper Reviews'.

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