CS 848 (Fall 2006)
Advanced Topics in Databases: Management of Information Systems


Oct 9: More paper presentation assignments are now posted in the class schedule.
Sept 14: Planning to take CS848? E-mail me your name, your preferred e-mail address, and a prioritzed list of your preferences for paper presentations (see the schedule).
Sept 13: Time change! CS848 is moving to an earlier time. Starting next week (Sept 20), CS848 will meet on Wednesdays from 12:00-2:30.

Course Overview

An information system is a database management system plus the other components - operating systems, application servers, web servers, and so on - that, together, can provide some useful service such as organizing e-mail or tracking the location of a package.

Information systems are multi-tiered and complex. This course will cover a variety of topics related to the problems of managing and controlling such systems to ensure that they remain available and have adequate performance. We will look at these topics from the perspectives of several different system tiers, including the operating system and resource management tier, the database management tier, and the upper tiers.

List of topics to be covered:

Course Information

Instructor: Ken Salem
Meeting Time: Wednesdays 12:00-14:30
Location: DC 3313
Office Hours: by appointment

Workload and Evaluation

Students will be expected to read approximately three papers each week, in advance of class. Over the course of the term, each student will also be expected to present two or three papers in class and to prepare reviews of 4-6 additional papers. Finally, there will be a term project defined by the student. The following marking scheme will be used: