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Class participation is an important component of this course. Students are expected to attend all lectures and presentations and participate in the discussion of the research papers, read all listed research papers before class and provide constructive feedback about the presentations made by the other students in the class.

Paper Reviews
After week 2 of the semester, each class will typically have two assigned papers. Students are expected to read both papers before class. In addition, by 09:00 of the day of class, every student is required to submit a short summary/review of one of the papers. The points addressed in this summary/review are the following:

Paper summaries/reviews are to be submitted using the UWaterloo Learn platform and accessing the Forums section. There will be a forum for each paper. After the deadline for submissions, reviews will be made available for everyone in the class to read.

Presentation Feedback
Students are also required to give constructive feedback to presenters. This will be done by using UWaterloo Learn and accessing the Quizzes section. There will be a "Quiz" for each speaker, and you will be expected to comment on and assign scores for different components of the presentation. Feedback is expected to be provided within 24 hours of the presentation.

The questions you will be asked when evaluating a presentation can be found here. Feedback will be anonymized and passed on to the speakers. Scores are used to help the speaker see what worked and did not work in the presentation, however, they will not determine the final grade for the presentation. The instructor is the one responsible for assigning grades.