1 In-Grid You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu) [Radio Edit] 3:36 (details...)
2 DJ Tiesto Traffic [Edit] 2:54 (details...)
3 Kimberley Locke 8th World Wonder [Hi-Bias Extended Club Mix] 5:40 (details...)
4 iiO Smooth [Airbase Radio Edit] 3:18 (details...)
5 Enigma Voyager [Video Edit] 3:29 (details...)
6 Dee Magic Work the Disco [Phunk-E's Bootilicious Mix] 5:29 (details...)
7 Hard in Tango This Is My DJ [Extended Mix] 6:07 (details...)
8 Benny Benassi Presents The Biz Able to Love [Extended Full Mix] 5:22 (details...)
9 LMC vs. U2 Take Me to the Clouds Above [Radio Edit] 2:45 (details...)
10 DRC Project Eternal Flame [Rum & Coke Radio Remix] 3:54 (details...)
11 Ole van Dansk How I Wish [Club Mix] 5:55 (details...)
12 Roby Rossini Tanz Bambolina [Prezioso & Marvin Radio Edit] 4:29 (details...)
13 Matt Jamison Sexy Lady [Club Mix] 5:57 (details...)
14 Royal Gigolos California Dreaming [Teck House Long] 4:45 (details...)
15 The Bitch Hotel Do You Wanna Dance [Gambafreaks Club] 5:48 (details...)
16 Enrique Iglesias Featuring Kelis Not in Love [Dave Aude Vocal Mix] 5:08 (details...)