1 Armin van Buuren Burned With Desire [Radio Edit] 3:28 (details...)
2 Morjac Featuring Raz Conway Stars [Radio Edit] 3:26 (details...)
3 Simply Red Fake [Phunk Investigation Radio Edit] 2:58 (details...)
4 Rio Klein Fearless [Original Edit] 3:34 (details...)
5 Daft Punk Face to Face [Radio Edit] 3:33 (details...)
6 Kinky Presidente [Money Mark Mix] 3:40 (details...)
7 Solitaire I Like Love (I Love Love) [Radio Mix] 3:48 (details...)
8 David Guetta Featuring Chris Willis Just a Little More Love [Wally Lopez Remix Edit] 3:24 (details...)
9 Widelife Featuring Simone Denny All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) [Radio Edit] 2:42 (details...)
10 Angel City Featuring Lara McAllen Love Me Right [Radio Edit] 3:10 (details...)
11 Willa Ford Featuring Lady May A Toast to Men [Johnny Budz Edited Radio Mix] 3:22 (details...)
12 Jazmine Makes Me Go (mmm) [2004 Mix] 3:09 (details...)
13 Madonna Nothing Fails [Nevins Big Room Rock Mix] 6:40 (details...)
14 Belushi Put Your Hands Up in the Air [Club Mix] 7:19 (details...)
15 Lil Suzy Take Me in Your Arms [Extended Mix] 8:16 (details...)
16 The Chemical Brothers Get Yourself High [Extended Mix] 6:49 (details...)
17 Kylie Minogue Slow [Synth City Remix] 5:49 (details...)