1 Gabin Featuring Stefano Di Battista Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap [Album Version] 7:20 (details...)
2 Cassius The Sound of Violence [Dancefloor Killa Mix] 7:30 (details...)
3 Dirty Vegas Ghosts [M.A.S. Collective Vocal] 9:39 (details...)
4 Madonna Die Another Day [Dirty Vegas Main Mix] 10:07 (details...)
5 Conjure One Featuring Sinead O'Connor Tears From the Moon [Robbie Rivera Mix] 8:39 (details...)
6 Cosmos Take Me With You [Full Length Vocal Mix] 8:30 (details...)
7 Jennifer Lopez Jenny From the Block [Everbots Showtime Mix] 6:00 (details...)
8 N-Trance Forever [Kenny Hayes Remix] 7:42 (details...)
9 Madelyne Beautiful Child [Hiver & Hammer Mix] 8:14 (details...)