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BerryC. BarryC. BerryC.BerryCh. Berry
Charles BerryE. AndersonJack Berry

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Wikipedia:rock and roll, blues, rhythm and blues
MusicBrainz:american, classic pop and rock, rock, rock and roll, rock n roll, usa and roll

Chuck Berry Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 2:18 90.5 1957 TBD DTRANDOM_001-03 (details...)
Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode 2:38 84.1 1958 Rock 1950s POWERTRK_021-12 (details...)
Chuck Berry Maybellene 2:19 118.4 1955 Rock 1950s POWERTRK_095-13 (details...)
Chuck Berry Merry Christmas Baby 2:54 106.0 1958 XMAS XMSELECT_SEA-01 (details...)
Chuck Berry My Ding-A-Ling 4:08 122.1 1972 Special POWERTRK_139-12 (details...)
Chuck Berry No Particular Place to Go 2:42 119.0 1964 Rock 1960s POWERTRK_086-01 (details...)
Chuck Berry Rock & Roll Music 2:31 165.8 1957 Rock 1950s POWERTRK_020-19 (details...)
Chuck Berry Roll Over Beethoven 2:25 92.8 1959 TBD DTRANDOM_009-06 (details...)
Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run 2:45 151.8 1958 XMAS DTRANDOM_014-08 (details...)
Chuck Berry Sweet Little Sixteen 3:00 88.6 1958 Rock 1950s POWERTRK_091-14 (details...)
Chuck Berry You Can Never Tell 3:13 157.7 1964 Rock 1990s PULPFICT_ST1-09 (details...)
Chuck Berry You Never Can Tell 2:41 156.8 1964 Rock 1960s POWERTRK_066-14 (details...)