Cryptography Theory and Practice, Third Edition

last modified January 19, 2006

The third edition of this cryptography textbook by Doug Stinson was published in November, 2005, by CRC Press, Inc. Click here to see the publisher's web page for the book.

The third edition is an expanded version of the second edition, all in one volume. (I discarded the idea of a two-volume set mainly so the price would be as low as possible.)

Cover Design

You can view the cover design in pdf; click here.
The drawing in the lower right portion of the front cover is by Ron Shuebrook, "Untitled (Monkey Rope Series)", 2003 (Charcoal on paper, 19 3/4" x 25 1/2").


The chapters in the third edition are as follows:

The third edition consists of updated versions of the seven chapters in the second edition plus seven additional chapters. Several of these seven additional chapters are updated versions of chapters from the first edition, and some are new.


An errata list is available. Please email errata and typos to me so I can include them on the list.