Cryptography Theory and Practice, Third Edition --- Errata List

last modified February 7, 2007

This errata list pertains to the third edition of Cryptography Theory and Practice. I will be working on this list on an ongoing basis. Please send me e-mail concerning any errors that you find in the book so I can add them to this list.

The following people have pointed out errors to me:

Claude Crepeau, Michael Fuhr, K. Gopalakrishnan, Lars Knudsen, Benton Lam, Borge Nordli, Andreea Panait, Halvor Sakshaug, Ryan Stratford, Jiayuan Sui and Tamir Tassa.

Thanks for taking the time to do so!


Page 111, line -7. "consructed" should be "constructed".

Page 116, line -2. "3.3" should be "3.2".

For clarity, in the last six lines of page 140 and the first line of page 141, replace "z_r" by "z'_r", replace "z_{r+1}" by "z'_{r+1}", etc., and also replace "y_{r+1}" by "y'_{r+1}", etc.

In Sections 4.4.1, 4.4.2 and 4.5, it would be preferable to replace occurrences of "q" by "Q", since this notation was used in earlier sections of Chapter 4. (This is not an error, but the use of notation is not consistent.) A similar change should be made to Exercises 4.3 and 4.4.

Page 145, line -9. "y' = T_0 xor temp" should be "y' = e_K(T_0) xor temp" and "temp = CBC-MAC(x, K)" should be "temp = CBC-MAC(T_0 || x, K)".

Page 158. In Exercise 4.12, "forgery!selective" shold be "selective forgery".

Page 195, Example 5.11. "115759" should be "115979" (this occurs twice).

page 238, line 2. "0 <= j" should be "0 <= i".

Page 324, Line 9. "PBRG" should be "PRBG".

Page 375. The discussion of soundness of the Schnorr Scheme is incomplete. For additional details, see the following note: On the soundness of the Schnorr Scheme.

Page 378, line 18. "his" should be "her".

Page 391, last line of Exercise 9.11. "qalue" should be "value".

Page 417, first line of Section 10.5.3. "comproses" should be "comprises".

Middle of page 437. "simluated" should be "simulated".

Page 455, line -12. "modificaton" should be "modification".

Page 480. Exercise 12.4 is not correct.

Page 486, first paragraph of Section 13.2. The last sentence should read: "Gamma is called an access structure and each subset in Gamma is called an authorized subset."

Page 497. The last sentence before Example 13.7 should read as follows: "Thus rho_i is the ratio of the number of bits in the key to the number of bits in a share."

Page 498, line 4. Change "max" to "min".

Page 514, Exercise 13.2(a). "secret" should be "key".

Page 521, Figure 14.2. "y_1" should be "b_1", "y_2" should be "b_2" and "y_v" should be "b_v".

Page 553, Exercise 14.3(a). "secret" should be "key".

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