An aperiodic monotile

David Smith, Joseph Samuel Myers, Craig S. Kaplan, and Chaim Goodman-Strauss, 2023

An aperiodic monotile, sometimes called an "einstein", is a shape that tiles the plane, but never periodically. In this paper we present the first true aperiodic monotile, a shape that forces aperiodicity through geometry alone, with no additional constraints applied via matching conditions. We prove that this shape, a polykite that we call "the hat", must assemble into tilings based on a substitution system. The drawing above shows a patch of hats produced using a few rounds of substitution.

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A zoomed-in patch of hat tiles, each one decorated with fine lines showing the underlying kites.
[1200x882 PNG] [Scalable PDF]


An alternative patch, more zoomed out and using a warmer palette.
[1200x755 PNG] [Scalable PDF]


A still more zoomed out patch with the same colouring as the first example, with a local centre of threefold rotation in the centre of the drawing.
[1200x1200 PNG] [Scalable PDF]


A looping animated GIF similar to the animation mentioned above. [500x500 GIF]


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