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CS697 | Graduate Research Skills Seminar Fall 2014

Course Coordinator: Chrysanne Di Marco
Fall 2014 Wednesdays 12:00-1:20 DC2568

CS697 is a credit/no-credit course. It covers research and life skills that can be helpful to both beginning and advanced graduate students. The course features lectures by the course coordinator, presentations by guest speakers, and panel discussions, as well as in-class exercises by students.

We begin with a panel on what graduate studies is really all about, a session referred to as the "Graduate UnHandbook". We then move on to cover some of the academic skills involved in graduate studies. We will consider how scientific impact is measured, and metrics for assessing both researchers and publishing venues. Investigating these metrics ties in with hands-on tutorials about some important library research skills both to learn a new area as well as various tools and tips for making publishing decisions. We follow with sessions on various types of academic communication skills, both written and oral, with applications to paper and thesis-writing, conference presentations, and various other academic situations. We also consider some useful tips on time and management skills needed to sustain a longterm successful career.

We close the series with an enlightening panel discussion comparing academic and industrial career paths, and informative (and very entertaining) advice on finishing the PhD.

Schedule of seminars:

Session 1: September 10

Inside view of graduate studies: "The Graduate UnHandbook"
Panel of Computer Science faculty members and graduate students (Hella Hoffmann, President, CS Graduate Student Association; Prof. Naomi Nishimura; Prof. Richard Trefler, CS Graduate Advocate)

Session 2: September 17

The Publishing Process: Where to Publish, How to Assess the Research Impact of Publishing Venues and Researchers.
Guest speaker: Prof. Tamer Ozsu, Computer Science; Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Mathematics

Session 3: September 24

Library Research Skills 1: Hands-On Session
Guest speaker: Rebecca Hutchinson, CS Liaison Librarian, Davis Centre Library
***UPDATED: Note: Usual location for this week: DC2568

Session 4: October 1

Library Research Skills 2: Hands-On Session
Guest speaker: Rebecca Hutchinson, Davis Centre Library
Note: Different location for this week: MC3027

Session 5: October 8

Academic Integrity and Research Integrity
Guest speakers: Amanda McKenzie (Office of Academic Integrity), Sacha Greer (Office of Research Ethics)

Session 6: October 15

Becoming a Member of the Academic Community
(making the most of conferences, surviving TAs, deciding whether to teach a course, useful tools for research, and more)
Panel of CS graduate students (TBA)

Session 7: October 22

Academic Writing Skills/Writing the Master's Thesis
Speaker: Chrysanne Di Marco

Session 8: October 29

Academic Speaking Skills
Speaker: Chrysanne Di Marco

Session 9: November 5

Stress Management
Guest speaker: Brenda Julian, Counselling Services

Session 10: November 12

Time Management
Guest speaker: Katie Damphouse, Student Success Office

Session 11: November 19

What Comes After Graduate School?:
Industry, Academia, or Entrepreneurship?
Panel of academic and industrial members

Session 12: November 26

How to Finish That Damn PhD!
Guest speaker: Prof. Dan Berry, Computer Science

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