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Graduate and Undergraduate Students


PhD Students

Mohammed Alliheedi
Thesis area: Automated analysis of argumentation structure in biomedical articles
Co-supervised with Bob Mercer (Computer Science, Western University)

Milad Khaki
Thesis area: Computational modeling of urban water usage
Co-supervised with Mark Knight and Andre Unger (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Omar Nafees
Thesis area: Analyzing interaction of argumentation and rhetorical structure in text

Master's Students

Zhao Di
Thesis area: Automated analysis of social media (tentative)


Undergraduate Students

Shilpi Agrawal (Winter 2016 URA, exchange student)

Mary Ellen Foster (HealthDoc Project, Edinburgh PhD 2005, currently at University of Glasgow)

Jon Litchfield (HealthDoc Project, Waterloo BMath)

Year of Completion



Mohammed Alliheedi (MMath)
Thesis title: Multi-document summarization system using rhetorical information
Co-supervised with Charles Clarke (Computer Science)


Areej Alhothali (MMath)
Thesis title: Modeling user affect using interaction events

Gaurav Mehrota (MMath)
Thesis title: Role of domain ignorance in software development
Co-supervised with Dan Berry (Computer Science)

Claus Strommer (PhD)
Thesis title: Pursuing the relations between saliency, context, intent, and rhetorical figures in text media


Ke Deng (MMath)
Thesis title: A model of persuasion for speaking rate adaptation


Jakub J. Gawyjolek (MMath)
Thesis title: Automated annotation and visualization of rhetorical figures


David Z. Hirtle (MMath)
Thesis title: "Healthy" coreference: Applying coreference resolution to the health education domain

Frederick W. Kroon (MMath)
Thesis title: Finding communities in typed citation networks

Radoslav Radoulov (MMath)
Thesis title: Exploring automatic citation classification
Co-supervised with Pascal Poupart (Computer Science)

Jianan Wang (Master's Research Paper)


Xiaofen He (MMath)
Thesis title: Using lexical chaining as a basis to rank the biological validity of protein-protein interactions


Pei-Wen Andy Chiu (MMath)
Thesis title: From atoms to the solar system: Generating lexical analogies from text
Co-supervised with Pascal Poupart (Computer Science)

Matthew Enss (MMath)
Thesis title: An investigation of word sense disambiguation for improving lexical chaining

John Samuel Whissell (MMath)
Thesis title: Significant feature clustering
Co-supervised with Charles Clarke (Computer Science)

Aaron Scriver (MMath)
Thesis title: An investigation of lexical semantic relatedness in semantic networks


Wenfang (Cathy) Yang (MMath)
Thesis title: Design of a knowledge acquisition tool using a constructivist approach for creating tailorable patient education materials
Co-supervised with Dominic Covvey (Faculty of Science)


Alfred Renaud (MMath)
Thesis title: Diagnostic evaluation measures for improving performance of word prediction systems


Steven Banks (MMath)
Thesis title: English to sentence plan translation using subsumption on stylistic abstraction


Kimberley Parsons (MMath)
Thesis title: An authoring tool for customizable documents
Co-supervised with Graeme Hirst (Computer Science, Toronto)

Susan Williams (MMath)
Thesis title: Constituent ordering in natural language generation: Ordering of adverbials

Bruce Jakeway (MMath)
Thesis title: SPLAT: A sentence plan authoring tool for natural language generation


Toby Donaldson (MMath)
Thesis title: Constraining focus of attention through domain and user modelling in natural language report generation


David Sugar (MMath)
Thesis title: An adaptive medical natural language parser

Patricia A. Hoyt (MMath)
Thesis title: A goal-directed functionally-based stylistic analyzer


Stephen J. Green (MMath)
Thesis title: A functional theory of style for natural language generation

Cameron Shelley (MMath)
Thesis title: Speech acts and pragmatics in sentence generation

Nadia BenHassine (MMath)
Thesis title: A formal approach to controlling style in generation


Marzena Makuta-Giluk (MMath)
Thesis title: A computational rhetoric for syntactic aspects of text
University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics Technical Report CS-91-54,
October 1991.

Keith Mah (MMath)
Thesis title: Comparative stylistics in an integrated machine translation system
University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics Technical Report CS-91-67,
October 1991.