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Current Courses


Past Courses

  • Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: On-line Algorithms (graduate)
  • Principles of Programming Languages (4th year/graduate)
  • Search Engines: From Design to Implementation (graduate)
  • Adaptive, Online, and Parameterized Algorithms (graduate)
  • Five Open Problems in Algorithms and Data Structures (graduate)
  • Algorithmic Foundations of the Internet (graduate)
  • Algorithmic Problems on the Internet (graduate)
  • Topics on Internet Research (graduate)
  • Computer Networks (4th year/graduate)
  • Advanced Algorithms (4th year/graduate)
  • Computational Complexity (4th year/ graduate)
  • Advanced Algorithmic Techniques (4th year)
  • Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics (4th year/ graduate)
  • Algorithms (3rd year)
  • Data Structures (3rd year)
  • Operating Systems (3rd year)
  • Numerical Analysis (3rd year)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (3rd year)
  • Computer Systems Organization (3rd year)
  • Data Types and Data Structures (2nd year)
  • Data Structures and Data Management (2nd year)
  • Advanced Data Structures in C (2nd year)
  • Discrete Structures I (1st year)
  • Introduction to Programming (1st year).