Miscellaneous Interests

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several documents on different topics that interest me. Although some of the information here was compiled a while ago, they are still relevant as the facts changed little over time.

  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • A document that surveys the history of theoretical algorithms, as well as relevant questions and problems of theoretical computer science.

  • Mathematics
  • An introductory text to mathematics that covers different topics from trivial subjects to advance ones.

  • Coffee and Caffeine
  • An introductory text to the chemistry of coffee and caffeine. This list was maintained by me till 1998, whereafter the task was taken by Daniel Owen .


Mexican Politics

Please visit this page for a collection of paper on Mexican politics. The papers collected on this page used to reflect the experiences gained over sixteen long years of personal political work. Their new focus will reflect the effects democratic change, its possible avenues, and its potential outcome. Top