Setup see PreparingRSTAtStartOfTerm summary in home made a .rstrc file eg: default_runTests=/u/isg/bittersuite3/runTests default_computeMarks=/u/isg/bittersuite3/computeMarks


test_servers=( linux008.student.cs linux012.student.cs linux016.student.cs mef-linux014.student.cs mef-linux018.student.cs mef-linux000.student.cs mef-linux002.student.cs mef-linux010.student.cs )

Public Test see RSTPublicTests

summary To make public test run upon submission in ~/.submitrc have the line final_script=/u/isg/bin/submit/submit_pub_test_hook

For a web front end see WebPublicTestFrontEnd

after a handin folder is setup in ~/marking create a folder for the assignment eg: a1 in the assignment folder make a test suite folder eg: suite0 to make suite0 a public test make a link pt to suite0 ie ln -sv suite0 pt within suite0 make a bash script runTest and computeMarks these scripts are run by rst

-- PatrickLee - 06 May 2011

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